The most common problem when job hunting abroad: We mostly send our CVs and apply to job sites. We get rejected by automated systems.

Introducing: Project 100

Here's what we recommend: Aim to personally reach out to at least 100 people.

First, as usual, you search job sites for open positions.

But, instead of applying, you search LinkedIn for people in that company. By people, I mean either a peer (holding the same job title as you), or a hiring manager (one or two job titles above yours), or the recruiter.

Then, you invite them to get on a quick 15min call with you. Then, 'convert' this conversation into an invitation for you to apply.

Do this for 100 people.

The main benefit: You get to talk to real people before applying.

This benefits your job hunt in all ways, including:

Most importantly, having a system, one that's people-first, infuses you with energy and enthusiasm.

Here's what Ana said by Session 4:

My energy is really changing. I now have a routine. I’m talking to all these people. I’m sure if you compare my face from the first session to today’s (fourth), it’s completely different.

Here's how it works

If you reach out to 20 people, at least 50% or 10 people will agree to get on a call with you. (Often, it's closer to 80%.)

Of the 10 calls, at least 40% or 4 people will invite you to apply to a job opening. 4 opportunities.

If you have the skills and the experience (most Gen Propel students do)... If you do well in interviews (we help our students with this)... You can convert at least 25% of these 4 opportunities into an offer. 1 offer out of every 4 opportunities.

Now, multiply everything by 5. Reach out to 100 people, get on 50 calls, apply to 20 opportunities, and convert that into 5 offers.